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Since 1977, we have been crafting innovative, elegant, high-performance audio solutions. From our flagship DSP loudspeakers with integrated amplification to our discreet and powerful range of in-wall loudspeakers, we deliver easy to install, high-resolution audio systems for home cinemas and whole-home solutions.

The renowned Meridian experience is now available in a variety of environments thanks to our collaborative partnerships with industry leaders including; Jaguar Land Rover, LG Consumer Electronics, and British Airways, ultimately transforming the way people experience sound, wherever they may be.

Meridian (35)

Meridian 258 Power Amplifier


Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier


Meridian DSP730


Meridian DSW600

Meridian DSP750


Meridian DSW.2 Subwoofer


Meridian 251 Clearance


Meridian G55


Meridian 210 Streamer