Active Speaker and Digital Loudspeakers from Martins HI-Fi.

                Features Meridian Audio and Linn speakers including the DSP range and Linns Exact range.

                As pioneers and leaders in the field of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, Meridian is able to deliver your music authentically to recreate the passion and involvement of your musical moments. Power-efficient, active DSP crossovers are individually tailored to distribute music to each speaker, bringing your music to life.

                Linn Klimax 350 Speakers

                The Klimax 350 is the ultimate intelligent loudspeaker, featuring the best of Linn’s in-house technologies designed to eliminate loss between you and the artist.

                The speakers take a digital signal at their input to ensure zero transmission loss from the source and our Organik DAC retrieves the maximum amount of musical information from this digital signal, enabling our most natural sound ever.

                Then, our unique Exact Technologyensures our most natural sound ever by aligning all the musical frequencies to arrive at your ear at the same time, exactly the way people experience real musical instruments.

                And while every room has its own effect on your music, Klimax 350 utilises our patented Space Optimisation technology to optimise their performance based on the acoustic properties of your room and your desired speaker placement.

                The result is the ultimate listening experience.

                Active (7)

                Meridian DSP8000 XE


                Linn Akubarik Exakt


                Linn 530 Exakt Digital Loudspeaker


                Meridian DSP3300


                Meridian DSP3200


                Meridian DSP5200SE


                Meridian DSP7200SE

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