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Meridian DSP8000 XE

Meridian DSP8000 XE


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Meridian DSP8000 XE

DSP8000 XE is the first product to emerge from Meridian’s groundbreaking Extreme Engineering Programme; a result of years of investment and research at the extreme edge of audio design and built upon the fundamental and unique elements of Meridian’s approach to delivering authentic, natural, and lifelike sound.

A new design concept, Meridian’s Precision Sonic Transport, uses innovative techniques and processes which ensure the entire journey taken by an audio signal through a product maintains maximum sonic fidelity, so that the listener is immersed in authentic and realistic sound.

The outstanding fidelity, dynamics, and sheer power of the DSP8000 XE Loudspeakers mean they deliver an incredible experience in cinemas and listening rooms alike.

Our Select finishing option gives you the choice of blending into the room with a complimentary finish or standing out with a bold, vibrant colour, finished in matte or gloss.

Bespoke Signal Mapping

Meridian Bespoke Signal Mapping utilises digital signal processing to apply tailored crossover filters that are designed specifically for each configuration of drive unit within a loudspeaker.

E3 Bass

Meridian E3 Bass uses specifically designed filters to expand, extend and enhance the low-frequency response of the loudspeaker.


FFA (Full Frequency Alignment) is a combination of digital filters and delays to correct the group-delay of a loudspeakers. It ensures that all frequencies reach the listener’s ear at the same time.


Meridian Q-Sync deploys Meridian's multiple “First In, First Out” buffering system which minimises jitter, ensuring perfect timing and improved clarity.

Pro-Active Bass

Meridian Pro-Active Bass protects the bass drivers from over-excursion, ensuring maximum bass output without damaging the drive units.

Pro-Active Thermal

Meridian Pro-Active Thermal monitors the audio being sent to the mid-range drivers and tweeters and limits the overall volume of the loudspeaker if there is a risk of the drive units getting too hot.

True Time

True Time is Meridian's proprietary Apodising Filter that avoids pre-ringing and cleans up the effects of early filters, converting pre-echo to post-echo.

True Link

Meridian True Link is an encryption method for transferring high-definition digital audio over SPDIF connections. It allows secure movement of digital audio whilst ensuring that the SPDIF clock signal can be transmitted with minimum degradation.

Free Q

Meridian Free-Q is used to compensate for acoustic problems associated with specific loudspeaker placement conditions.

The outstanding fidelity, dynamics and sheer power of the DSP8000 XE loudspeakers mean they deliver an incredible experience in cinemas and listening rooms alike. Our

The SpeakerLink input allows control from other Meridian products via Meridian Comms, from the supplied B-Link via Bluetooth, or a third-party control system via RS232. The front panel can be enabled for use with Meridian IR commands and the USB maintenance connection also supports control commands.

Meridian SpeakerLink connections, digital co-ax, optical and USB-C audio inputs. An external IR receiver connection and a USB-A maintenance socket. The Meridian B-Link (supplied) provides a Bluetooth connection, and the IA21 Analogue Input Module offers the option of analog audio inputs.

Separate head-unit isolates the all-new tweeter and mid-range driver from the main enclosure. Curved lines, based on an ellipse, contribute to the rigidity and avoid parallel internal surfaces. Outer walls engineered from a layered combination of birch plywood, aluminIum, and resin are combined with substantial internal bracing to create an incredibly inert cabinet