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Mechanical Treatments

Lowering the Noise Floor: Isolation or damping?

Isolation, rather than pure damping, is our fundamental position with regards to mitigating mechanical/physical-electrical transference of energy. The lowering or negating of this particular part of the noise floor is crucial especially when it comes to the audio components themselves.

The ability to mimic true ISOLATION requires something to be free from direct connection to the surface that it is sighted on but in addition, having the ability to filter the supported product and the surface it is placed upon. Therefore breaking and not creating a feedback loop.

In electrical terms – a one-way diode.

Essentially the equipment is floating.

Welcome to the world of Stillpoints!

Like all good products that open the window into your music’s soul, these types of product will bring you great highs and insight into your music collection. However, in systems that are not well balanced or if you are looking for a quick fix because you’re currently unhappy with the overall presentation, then tread carefully. Basically, don’t shoot the messenger!

Mechanically decoupling or coupling products – high-frequency isolation/filtering or dampening? There are many approaches with many solutions offered in this arena and in truth, each can often seem as effective as the other. It can often all come down to the individual system or the individual’s taste within the context of that system.

Minimising the detrimental effects that are either generated and created internally or externally, with each product, as well as controlling how these aberrations/distortions are then passed on (something that is rarely talked about) to the next product in the chain is what allows us to better hear the truth of the musical message. Essentially it’s about integrity!

Integrity is something we believe Stillpoints and Entreq both apply in their own unique approaches – converting unwanted energy into harmless heat.

Lowering the noise floor allowing a greater sense of that individual product and its job in the chain at reproducing all the layered subtle cues in the music, while leaving little or no acoustic fingerprint, is what we are looking for. That is why in a well-crafted and balanced system we will always apply either Stillpoints Ultra V2 products or Entreq Vibbeater and Magma Tungsten solutions.