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Solidsteel WS Series

Solidsteel WS Series


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WS Series

High-End Wall-Shelf for Turntables

The Solidsteel WS-5 is a rock-solid turntable wall shelf, delivering reference-level isolation at an attainable price. Weighing a massive 13kg, this sturdy platform supports even the heaviest turntables up to 60kg. Its robust construction features a heavy-gauge steel perimeter, a thick wall plate, and graceful touches adding elegance to the design. The WS-5 ensures your turntable has the crucial support and isolation needed for superlative analogue performance.

Offering truly staggering weight handling capability when properly mounted, the Italian-made WS-5 is designed for 40mm studs but can be mounted on various load-bearing structures like brick or concrete with appropriate connectors. This high-quality wall-mount solution allows audiophiles with limited space to place their turntable on a proper surface, valorising it to the fullest potential, even in compact listening rooms.