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View our latest CD & SACD Players, available at Martins Hi-Fi. High-end Hi-Fi CD & SACD players available from companies such as dCS, T+A, Rega, Naim, Cyrus & Mark Levinson. 

Enjoy your CD collection via one of the best CD Players in the world, contact us today to arrange your demonstration.

Free postage & packaging is available when you buy from Martins Hi-Fi, we are also there when you need help installing and setting up your system to get the best result possible.

Disc Players (18)

Rega Apollo CD


Cyrus CDt XR


Cyrus CDi-XR


Leema Acoustic Elements CD Player


Leema Acoustics Antila 2S Eco


Cyrus CDt


Mark Levinson № 5101


Mark Levinson № 519


T+A PDT 3100 HV CD/SACD Transport