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View our latest CD & SACD Players, available at Martins Hi-Fi. High-end Hi-Fi CD & SACD players available from companies such as dCS, T+A, Rega, Naim, Cyrus & Mark Levinson. 

Enjoy your CD collection via one of the best CD Players in the world, contact us today to arrange your demonstration.

Free postage & packaging is available when you buy from Martins Hi-Fi, we are also there when you need help installing and setting up your system to get the best result possible.

Disc Players (19)

Rega Apollo CD


Leema Acoustic Elements CD Player


Leema Acoustics Antila 2S Eco


Cyrus CDt


Quad Artera Solus Clearance


Mark Levinson № 5101


Mark Levinson № 519


Cyrus CDt Clearance


T+A PDT 3100 HV CD/SACD Transport