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T+A MP 200

T+A MP 200


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T+A MP 200

The T+A MP 200 was developed with the design requirement of combining compact dimensions with a wide range of sources. From Bluetooth and CD to the very latest streaming and radio reproduction, the unit is able to exploit all sources to their fullest potential. The MP 200 can handle not only FM, FM-HD, and DAB+ reproduction, it also offers equally convenient streaming from mobile devices and local network memory devices. External digital sources benefit equally from their outstanding signal processing capabilities.

Although the MP 200 works with any D/A converter, its overall design was developed to provide a special synergy when used with the Series 200 converters – the DAC 200 and HA 200: the T+A SYS Link exchanges control data, routes audio signals along the optimum path, and allows the MP 200 to become the command center of a complete system when the T+A MusicNavigator app is used.

All of T+A's multi-source knowledge and experience is condensed and adapted into this refined and versatile player offering a multitude of sources;
  • Precision CD Transport.
  • High-Resolution Client Streamer.
  • FM / DAB / Internet Radio.
  • NAS / Server Control.
  • Bluetooth Streamer.
  • Roon Ready.
  • Integrated system control via the T+A MusicNavigator App.
  • Digital output via RCA SPDIF
  • Digital inputs via 1 Toslink and 2 RCA SPDIFs.