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Stillpoints Ultra 5 V2

Stillpoints Ultra 5 V2


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Stillpoints Ultra 5 V2

The Stillpoints Ultra 5 is a larger version of the Stillpoint Ultra SS. The Stillpoints Ultra 5 employs five pockets of Stillpoint technology.

When using four Stillpoint Ultra 5 under loudspeakers they provide 20 pockets of isolation under each loudspeaker.

Stillpoints adaptors to replace spikes/feet are available in different sizes so please choose from options (others sizes available on request).

Stillpoints don't have to tell you that the Stillpoint Ultra 5 is quite an experience.

Stillpoints heighten transparency, speed of transients, air, space, and dynamics, to name only a few attributes, to aid in the most natural presentation. Stillpoints provide isolation and control of destructive vibrational energy by means of a four-tier filter, substantially improving the sonic and musical qualities of your audio system


 Stillpoint for floor standing loudspeakers. PRICED PER UNIT

Height 1.84"
Diameter: Minimum 1.74" to Maximum 2.97"
WEIGHT (per unit): 3lbs