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Meridian DSP9

Meridian DSP9


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Meridian DSP9

 The DSP9 is the second loudspeaker to emerge from the Extreme Engineering Programme; a result of years of investment in technology innovations at the extreme edge of audio design.

Built around continued research and expertise in producing authentic, natural, and lifelike sound, this program delivers a level of performance never previously achievable from a loudspeaker of these proportions.

The loudspeaker features a brand-new and iconic cabinet aesthetic that showcases a new design signature and produces outstanding fidelity, dynamics, and power for cinemas and listening rooms.

Advanced engineering was used to create the striking sculptured exterior lines and sophisticated three-dimensional spaces within the cabinet to enhance its performance. The DSP9 also features Meridian’s Precision Sonic Transport which uses innovative techniques and processes which ensure the entire journey taken by an audio signal through a product maintains maximum sonic fidelity, so that the listener is immersed in authentic and realistic sound.

The outstanding fidelity, dynamics and sheer power of the DSP9 means they deliver an incredible experience in cinemas and listening rooms alike. Our Select Finishing option allows you to blend into the room with a complimentary finish or stand out with a bold, vibrant colour, finished in matte or gloss

The sculpted lines of the DSP9 provide enhanced sonic benefits, as the curvature of the exterior minimises unwanted diffraction of the sound produced by the loudspeakers. The subsonic bass drivers are housed in an isolated cavity and this separation prevents the forces created inside the loudspeaker by the bass-drivers from interfering with the performance of the midrange driver and tweeter.

Meridian SpeakerLink connections, digital co-ax, optical and USB-C audio inputs. The Meridian B-Link adapter (supplied) provides a Bluetooth connection, and the IA21 Analogue Input Module offers the option of analogue audio inputs via either RCA or XLR.