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Meridian DSP3300 Loudspeaker

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Image of Meridian DSP3300 Loudspeaker
Available at Martins Hi-Fi

Meridian DSP3300 Loudspeaker

Our price
Image of Meridian DSP3300 Loudspeaker
Available at Martins Hi-Fi

Meridian DSP3300 Loudspeaker

Our price
Image of Meridian DSP3300 Loudspeaker

Meridian DSP3300 Loudspeaker


Designed to be versatile within the home, the DSP3300 is an ideal building block in a compact, high performance cinema system. This speaker is an ideal centre channel, to complement a pair of compact and elegant DSP3200s or M6s. 

A testament to the effectiveness of our pioneering DSP technology, even the compact DSP3300 cabinet houses three drivers, plus the advanced electronics necessary to deliver room-filling sound equal to the performance level of a conventional speaker four times the size.

The DSP3300’s precision-manufactured cabinet includes a rubber mount, enabling the speaker to be placed horizontally or vertically with no reduction in sound quality. The design is also suitable for wall mounting giving great flexibility.Meridian DSP-3300 Following the success of the DSP-3200 DSP loudspeaker, Meridian have developed this versatile DSP speaker. The DSP-3300. The DSP-3300 uses similar technology and electronics to the DSp-3200, just housed in a different cabinet. This versatile DSP speaker is suited to any DSP home cinema system. We have two DSP-3300 available, both finished in traffic white. Complete with boxes, packaging and running the latest software.


DSP3300 is a versatile digital loudspeaker ideal for main, centre channel and surround operation in smaller and medium-sized systems. It features dual 165mm bass drivers for powerful, impressive bass and an 85mm wide-range driver. Each driver is mounted in its own subsidiary enclosure. Two powerful amplifiers, coupled with Meridian’s award-winning DSP crossover system, give the DSP3300 an extremely impressive performance both in terms of bass and overall sound pressure levels for a loudspeaker of this size.

DSP3300 forms the ideal centre channel complement to a pair of DSP3200 loudspeakers: the latter use identical drivers and deliver a sonic signature that matches the DSP3300 well. A compact but very capable surround system can be configured using DSP3300 units throughout.

The DSP3300 is an ideal building block in a smaller Meridian system, for example coupled with an Audio Core 200, for adding an extra zone to a multi-room system, or for use as main, surround or centre channel loudspeakers in a smaller multichannel environment.

DSP3300 features an ingenious cabinet design with a rubber mount (supplied) that allows the loudspeaker to be placed free-standing either horizontally or vertically. The mount can be used either to support the loudspeaker vertically or to angle it upwards in horizontal position.

Available in high-gloss white and high-gloss black.


Meridian Speakerlink (RJ45)


Meridian Speakerlink (RJ45)


Peak SPL: xxxdB at 1m (music material)

Noise less than xdB spl. Overall distortion typically <0.02% at any frequency or level

Frequency response In room within 3dB from 45Hz to over 20kHz


2 x 75w (150 w)


2 x 165mm polypropylene long throw bass drivers


1 x 85mm aluminium cone wide-range driver


A selector switch allows each DSP3300 to be set up as Left/Centre or Right speaker in a system. On off


2 x Freescale 56367 running at 150MHz

2 x 24-bit Multi-bit delta-sigma DACs with 128x oversampling

Crossover minimum-phase at 2.6kHz

Bass protection

Response correction for the whole system

User tone controls. Analogue/digital volume and phase control


Rear-mounted LED for status


HEIGHT:206mm [8.1in] (Horizontal orientation & without rubber mount) 

WIDTH: 555mm [21.9in] (Horizontal orientation & without rubber mount)

DEPTH: 235mm [9.25in] (Horizontal orientation & without rubber mount) 

WEIGHT: 11.5kg [25.3lbs]

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