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    Meridian 271

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    Meridian 271 Digital Theatre Controller.

    The Meridian 271 Digital Theatre Controller effortlessly integrates Meridian DSP loudspeakers into a theatre that would otherwise be unable to access the authentic, natural sound from Meridian. Designed to work with any processor on the market, the 271 is a

    Designed to work with any processor on the market, the 271 is a High-Resolution interface that allows you to design and build high-performance theatre systems with 20 or more channels. The 271 is rack-mountable and can be stacked to give 40 or even 60 audio output channels, all with Meridian’s (MHR) High-Resolution Audio output and a simple IP control interface.


    SPECIFICATION CONTROL CONNECTIONS • Ethernet connection for IP Control / control driver support for third party control systems • IR on 3.5mm jack • Trigger input on 3.5mm jack to enable remote on/off switching • Trigger output on 3.5mm jack to allow use “in-line” between a processor and power amplification in system featuring passive speakers

    AUDIO OUTPUTS • 20 unbalanced analogue outputs on RCA phono connectors • 20 SpeakerLink digital outputs

    AUDIO INPUTS • 16 unbalanced analogue inputs on RCA phono connectors • 16 balanced analogue inputs on twin DB25 connectors • One SpeakerLink input for pass-through of two-channel digital audio (MQA compatible)

    OPTIONAL AUDIO INPUTS • Digital 16-channel input on DB25 connector (Trinnov pin configuration) • Digital 16-channel AES input on twin RJ45 connector (Datasat and Storm Audio pin configuration)


    DISPLAY • Power LED POWER • Advanced linear power supply: 110–120V ac 50–60Hz | 220-240V ac 50-60Hz

    DIMENSIONS • HEIGHT: 88mm (without feet) • WIDTH: 440mm • DEPTH: 358mm •

    WEIGHT: 5kg

    RACK-MOUNTING • Housed in a rack-mountable 2U case

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