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Meridian DSP7200SE HC/VC

Meridian DSP7200SE HC/VC


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Meridian DSP7200SE HC/VC

Perfect for movies or music, the DSP7200HC is the ideal partner for both DSP7200s and DSP8000s in a multi-channel system. A new Centre Elevation feature allows the DSP7200 to be placed below the screen while having its sound image move along with the video image on screen, providing the most immersive movie experience. It also offers Enhanced Bass Alignment that corrects any delays on low frequencies, providing a sweeter, more natural sound.


The DSP7200HC provide sounds that are incredibly lifelike, in scale and tone, to systems featuring both DSP7200 and DSP8000. The horizontal centre channel enables a stunningly effective home theatre set-up, while also providing seamless sound staging for music in Trifield.

The extensive finishes from the full range of Meridian Select colours ensures even 5.1 surround sound systems will effortlessly blend into your home and your lifestyle. peakers The new Special Edition DSP Digital Active Loudspeakers from Meridian provide the most revealing, lifelike and powerful performance of any Meridian loudspeakers to date.