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Meridian Ellipse

Meridian Ellipse


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Meridian Ellipse

Meridian Ellipse is a new, high-performance, all-in-one, streaming speaker rigorously engineered to deliver Meridian’s signature sound performance in any room. Ellipse is meticulously crafted and hand-built in our factory in Britain to the same exacting standards as our flagship loudspeakers. Benefitting from twelve advanced and innovative Meridian technologies, Ellipse has a compact form factor which provides the freedom for it to be placed anywhere whilst ensuring a tailored and luxurious sound experience.

Meridian Ellipse is the third loudspeaker to emerge from our Extreme Engineering Programme, producing a natural, authentic and lifelike sound which is immersive and room-filling. Ellipse is designed for music enjoyment: with a bass response usually associated with much larger speakers, Ellipse has complete control over the sound it plays, so your music is projected into the room with clarity and authority.

Ellipse is a complete Meridian system in a compact form factor. It is a distillation of everything we do, and it enables you to experience Meridian’s renowned sound quality in any room. Made in Britain using premium craftsmanship, its design is undeniably Meridian.

Beautiful to look at, Ellipse is designed to subtly elevate any space. Its elliptical design signature echoes the design of other Meridian products. In combination with its harmonious curves, Ellipse boasts a luxuriously smooth, pebble-like surface in a deep, non-reflective black. Its soft and subtle finish is inviting to the touch, adding an element of style and sophistication to any modern living space. A perfect synthesis of function and form, within a timeless aesthetic.