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    Meridian DSW.2 Subwoofer

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    Meridian DSW.2 Subwoofer

    The DSW.2 Digital Active Subwoofer can integrate seamlessly into many installations that include meridian loudspeakers.

    The DSW.2 is designed to provide deep bass in rooms where a compact loudspeaker is required. Featuring a downward-firing woofer, this design tapers at the top reducing the visual impact on its surroundings. All of the connecting cables, SpeakerLink and Power, attach at the bottom of the cabinet, allowing for discreet installations.

    The DSW.2 provides deep and impactful bass that will perfectly play its part in a two-channel or complete surround-sound set-up made up of any of our Digital Active DSP Loudspeakers.

    Whether used on its own or in multiples, it delivers deep, room-filling bass with control and accuracy. a new long-throw, 12" drive-unit with a massive motor system, paired with a highly-efficient, class-D amplifier, means that the DSW.2 is capable of delivering high levels of sound pressure with precision.

    Its unique and extremely strong cabinet has been specifically tailored to the
    drive-unit to eliminate vibrations and allow the loudspeaker to reproduce music accurately at high power levels.

    These features, combined with its elegant form-factor and meridian's suite of on-board technologies, make the DSW.2 the perfect subwoofer in any meridian system.