One of the originators of the British hi-fi industry, and right from the start took a pioneering approach to loudspeaker design and increasing the sound quality being reproduced. The company spearheaded the use of synthetic materials for diaphragms and driver surrounds and was the first company to use the power of computers in loudspeaker testing and design.

                Now in its sixth decade, they continue to develop class-leading products at its R&D and engineering base in Maidstone, Kent. Thanks to continued innovation and an ever-growing portfolio of cutting-edge, high-performance products, KEF retains its reputation as the choice of the discerning audiophile.

                Committed to ‘sound before all else, it introduced the ground-breaking use of Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT) in speaker design which has been awarded the ‘Innovation of the Year’ by What Hi-Fi? Awards 2020. A truly revolutionary tool in the KEF acoustic armory, MAT is created to eliminate 99% of the unwanted sound from the rear of the driver. MAT allows the design a new range of revolutionary products including the new LS50 Collection consisting of LS50 Meta and LS50 Wireless II, which delivers an unrivaled purity of sound.  The LSX range has also championed the company's pledge to allow everyone access to high-end hifi equipment at varying price points, these wireless speakers allow you to pair music streaming platforms from your smartphone with high-quality audio, a market where KEF has become very successful. 

                The introduction of Uni-Core technology on KC62 subwoofer in 2021 has created a completely new take in subwoofer designs by redefining the physical space required for high-performance speakers and subwoofers. The Uni-Core technology combines both drivers into a single motor system allowing cabinet size to be reduced by over a third, while also increasing excursion to unlock exceptional output and depth.

                KEF’s mission is to deliver sound with as little intervention as possible; from treble to bass, and everything in between. Listeners should be able to close their eyes and immerse themselves in the sound so deeply that they are transported, in their minds, to the source. We believe that the best sound is natural sound – and that access to it is a right, not a privilege.

                Experience is everything, and that’s no overstatement. Combining our obsessions with acoustic authenticity and innovative engineering, we’d like to think that these products speak for themselves.

                KEF (31)

                KEF LS50 Meta


                KEF Blade Two Meta Ex-Demo


                KEF LSX II


                KEF R8 Meta Dolby Atmos Speaker


                KEF R7 Meta


                KEF R6 Meta Centre Channel Speaker


                KEF R5 Meta


                KEF R2 Meta Centre Channel Speaker


                KEF R3 Meta

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