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This year see some of the most eagerly anticipated product launches of Vitus Audio's history. The New RI-101 has just been announced alongside details of the RD-101 imminent release later this summer plus the hotly anticipated SIA-030 later this year.

Vitus Audio can comfortably consider themselves part of a very small select group of manufacturers who create solid state quipment which performs at the very highest level. As a dealer my very first encounter with this Danish highend brand was both revelatory and strangely comforting, like discovering an amplifier that had been specifically built for you and you only, exactly fullfilling everything that you had always been searching for.


Vitus Audio (8)

Vitus RL-102 Phonostage


Vitus SCD-025 Integrated CD player/ DAC with Made4u remote


Vitus SP-103


Vitus RP-102


Vitus DAC Module


Vitus RS 101


Vitus RD 101 Dac


Vitus RI-101 MK2