} Vitus RL-102 Phonostage – Martins Hi-Fi
Vitus RL-102 Phonostage - Martins Hi-Fi

    Vitus RL-102 Phonostage

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    Upgrading from an integrated amplifier to a combination of a line stage with one or more power amplifiers is like shifting to the next gear. No, not your typical switch with a standard manual gearbox! You're pushing the engine over 7000 rpm. It unleashes its maximum power output. Feel the torque pushing the chasis to its limits. Tires cry out. You take decisive action and flip the paddles on the steering wheel. The double clutch, high precision transmission releases the engine in a split second. Control, ease and tranquility settle in. You are right on track with the RL-101 Line Stage.

    Time for a musical triumph…

    Our amplifiers do not focus on any specific frequencies, so there's no extension of top or bas. This results in high clarity of the midrange, since it's 'naturally' present. At Vitus Audio, everything works until proven not to. This way we always try to push the limits and explore the unexplored. As a result of this, many of the solutions we use today are considered to be 'impossible'. However, they have convinced many people and reviewers worldwide of the opposite. Before any of our new topologies are implemented in our products, a dedicated listening panel carefully reviews them. This way we can guarantee an exceptional level of musicality, performance and durability. The Vitus Audio RL-101 Line Stage is based on modules, which gives you a lifetime warranty on performance, as any new sound enhancing modules can easily be installed. The unit features both RCA and XLR inputs and outputs for optimal compatibility with any system configuration.

    Expressivity, emotion, finesses. Three words that best describe the essence of the RL- 101 Line Stage.