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SCD-025 Integrated CD player/ DAC with Made4u remote

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Image of SCD-025 Integrated CD player/ DAC with Made4u remote

SCD-025 Integrated CD player/ DAC with Made4u remote

When you sail a yacht in open sea, you trust the GPS to determine your location. The biggest part of a sailing experience exists of pure analog operations; from hoisting the sails to changing course. To take a nap in the cabin or cook a nice meal in the yachts kitchen, you don't need any digital support. When adjusting the heading or entering a new course, the digital power is put to work. The digital support guarantees the best analog experience. Just like with our SCD-025 mk.II. Although this CD / DAC is packed with digital top-notch technology, it offers the best analog sound out there! You're steering right into the direction of the Signature CD / DAC (SCD-025).

All the seawater flows to the endless musical ocean of Vitus Audio…

How could we create such a fine piece of equipment with a true analog sound? We used our primary analog turntable along with a Masterpiece Phono Stage as preamplifier for reference. The desire was to simply make the SCD-025 mk.II a much more musical machine that anything else on the market. Choosing for the SCD-025 mk.II ensures you of a lifetime investment. The unit is a modular design, so it's future proof. The predecessor of the SCD-025 mk.II didn't have a USB input, so we went for a new design to convince enthusiasts even more. Worthy of the name Signature Series you get a lot more then just the USB interface. The SCD-025 mk.II was designed as a DAC with a drive, which gives the user the flexibility of adding other digital sources directly to the unit.

Integration, balance, performance. Three words that best describe the essence of the SCD-025 mk.II CD / DAC.

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