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    VITUS SS-025

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    Lower your hands gently onto the rudder. Feel the exquisite quality of the wood. Slowly move back and forth. The rudder is made to claim control. Do we sail port or starboard? During the moment of decision, your mind wanders off. You think of the infinite number of possible destinations. Which route to choose? Suddenly you grab the helm. Tightly your hands close around the wheel. With a sudden hard pull, the course is set. What a glorious feeling. An emotion of absolute power overwhelms the senses. There it is goosebumps. You're sailing right into the direction of the SS-025 Stereo Power Amplifier.

    All the seawater flows to the endless musical ocean of Vitus Audio…

    Could you ask for more? The future is already here. Our design team had their hands free to push the boundaries even further. A new platform was created to satisfy a much broader audience. With a mix of technology taken from the SIA-025 and SM-011, we came up with our most powerful design to date, considering the physical size of the unit. With 300 Watts per channel into 8 Ohm and twice that into 4 Ohm, there’s hardly any load the SS-025 can’t handle. Paired with either the SIA-025 mk. II for bi-amping or the SL-103, this amplifier can create a small but extremely powerful system that offers a musical engine, which focuses on the music. Hook it up with the SCD-025 mk. II and you have a 3- chassis system that is simple, easy on the eye and sets a standard in performance, quality, and upgradability.

    Integration, balance, performance. Three words that best describe the essence of the SS- 025 Stereo Power Amplifier.


    INPUT XLR analog RCA analog
    Available 1 1
    Sensitivity 0,7 VRMS 1,4 VRMS
    Impedance 10 KΩ 10 KΩ
    Slew rate 35V/ μs 35V/ μs

    OUTPUT Speaker L Speaker R Preout
    Available 1 1 N/A
    Impedance 75 mΩ 75 mΩ
    Power AB-WRMS (8/4Ω) 300/600W 300/600W
    Power A-WRMS (8/4Ω) 15/25W 15/25W
    Frequency response +800kHz +800kHz
    Signal to noise ratio >100dB >100dB
    THD + noise > 0,01 > 0,01
    Standby <1W
    Class AB 100W
    Class A
    Hight 130 mm
    With 435 mm
    Depth 430 mm
    Weight 42 Kg