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Vitus Audio MP-L201 MKII 2 Chassis Linestage

Vitus Audio MP-L201 MKII 2 Chassis Linestage


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Vitus Audio MP-L201 MKII 2 Chassis Linestage

The perfect pairing with either our MP-S201 or MP-M201 power amplifiers. All the true balanced discrete gain stages in the MP-L201 Mk.II are based on shielded modules and each module is moulded with special damping material, taking care of both mechanical resonances and stability in temperature. This gives optimal working conditions for the circuitry. The MP-L201 Mk.II Linestage gives you unbelievable control over your sources. 

The power supply in this iteration of our Masterpiece linestage has undergone a huge redesign and now features a massive number of regulation steps. And each regulator step is a whole lot more performant. The result is more silence and a deeper, wider soundstage. This, coupled with further improvements to the modules in the unit means improved bandwidth, more precision and better resolution and micro details in the resulting sound.

The MP-L201 Mk.II comes in Pure White, Jet Black or Warm Silver as standard. Titanium Orange, Dark Champagne and Titanium Grey are our most popular unique finishes.