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    Vitus RI 101

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    An all new preamplifier stage powered by a complex and lower noise regulated power supply, the high resolution volume control from the Signature and Masterpiece linestages, the RI-101 provides even greater transparency, blackness and neutrality than before, taking it even closer to the openness and Class A purity of the SIA-025. On the technical and build side, the volume steps are also finer and the revised casing gives even better cooling.

    The original and much loved RI-100 DAC module is still available for the RI-101 with a small price increase but a new supercharged DAC+Streamer option is also available. This is a completely new design derived from the expensive standalone DAC’s in the Vitus catalogue and employs the flagship ESS chip with full DoP support. Airplay, Roon, MQA, Tidal, Spotify should all be supported too.

    The RI-100 is possibly Vitus’s most popular product. Ignore that it’s a one box integrated, this 300 Watt powerhouse will astound you with the sheer quality of its sound. The RI has purity, transparency and cleanliness that is normally the reserve of a Class A design. It has astonishing levels of grip and slam but is also capable of extreme delicacy. Rich, holographic and wonderfully textural and intimate, the RI-100 seems to tick every box that people are generally looking for in highend audio. Now available with an optional £2000 4-input DAC module, this single unit just needs a set of speakers to create beautiful music that was up until fairly recently, only acheiveable with a £30,000+ budget and a high box count.