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Vitus SD 025 MK2

Vitus SD 025 MK2


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Vitus SD 025 MK2

The SD-025 Mk2 DAC/Streamer has more in common with a luxury watch than you might think. An exclusive, high-end watch provides the ultimate precision, superior technology, and complete perfection down to the tiniest detail. The craftsmanship of watch components contributes to achieve the accuracy of the watch. Just like a watch, with the SD-025 Mk.II DAC/Streamer you can clearly sense how each component works together closely to transform a sound recording into an extraordinary musical experience of the highest quality.  

SD-025 Mk.II has undeniable finesse, authenticity, and pure exclusivity. A modern DAC and streamer designed with the strong ambition to achieve perfection and to raise the standards of advanced hi-fi technology.

The SD-025 Mk.II represents a significant step up from it’s younger sibling, the RD-101 Mk.II. Among other things, the SD-025 Mk.II offers a phenomenal power supply along with optimised digital and analogue circuitry allowing you to indulge your ears with hours of music in the absolute best quality. 

SD-025 Mk.II is for those who love music and those who are not satisfied with merely the “next best thing”. Created for those that want an emotional creation that thrills the senses.

The SD-025 Mk.II comes in Pure White, Jet Black or Warm Silver as standard. Titanium Orange, Dark Champagne and Titanium Grey are our most popular unique finishes.