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Cyrus has a heritage of over three decades of award-winning products. Since the foundation of the company, we have won plaudits the world over for our incredible engineering expertise and the finesse of our the application to turn these technologies into ‘real-world’ products. Discover our entire range of Hi-Fi products, beginning with our Cyrus ONE in 1984 that started our 3 decade long journey into our modern range of CD Players, Streamers, Integrated Amplifiers and so much more.

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Cyrus CDt


Cyrus Pre 2 DAC QXR


Cyrus Offer


Cyrus CDt Clearance


Cyrus ONE Cast


Cyrus X Power


EX-Demo Cyrus 6 DAC QXR


Cyrus 8 2 DAC QXR Integrated Amplifier and DAC


Cyrus One HD