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    Cyrus CDi

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    Cyrus CD players are world-renowned for the detail they extract from a disc, because of their proprietary Servo Evolution disc reading engine. The CD i uses the newest version of this technology, and the sound it produces is better than any integrated CD player they have ever made. 

    Everything from the power stage through to the analog output of the machine has been designed with sound quality in mind, and the results will blow you away!


    In Detail

    The high-quality components in the CDi mean that the sound it produces can make your spine tingle. A wide and full soundstage will fill a room of any size with sound, and you will hear details in your music which your old system never even picked up on!

    The CDi uses many of the same components as the CD Xt Signature, including a latest generation LED disc loader. This use of top end components for lower specification models spreads throughout the Cyrus range, meaning that products like the CDi comfortably outperform their peers in the same price range.

    A 32 bit DAC gives the CDi all of the capacity it needs to convert even the most complex loads into full analogue output.

    To further improve your sound, connect our PSX-R external power supplytodecrease the strain on the internal power supply of the unit. Connect the CDi to an amplifier like the Cyrus 8a for a fantastic sound, and complete your system by connecting a Stream Xa to add streaming capabilities.



    SPDIF optical – 1
    SPDIF coaxial – 1
    Stereo RCA analogue – 2 Pairs Fixed
    PSX-R upgrade port – Yes
    MC-BUS – Yes


    Maximum Signal Resolution – 16-bit/44.1kHz


    Height – 73
    Width – 215
    Depth – 360
    Weight (kg) 3.6

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