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Smart Home

Imagine a life made simpler in the home, by finger-tip electronic control over your entertainment, lighting, security and heating all from a single touch screen.

Envisage a Smart Home system designed and installed to reflect your personality and your lifestyle.  One that is intuitive to operate where everything blends perfectly with your interior design so your friends won't even know it's there, until and unless you want them to.

Play a hifi system that breathes beautiful music into every room through unseen loudspeakers, so that music follows you wherever you go.

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Sonos Playbase Festive Fifty - £629.00

Sonos Playbase Festive Fifty

£629.00 Read More
Meridian 251 Festive Fifty - £875.00

Meridian 251 Festive Fifty

£875.00 Read More
Sonos Amp - £599.00

Sonos Amp

£599.00 Read More
Sonos Beam - £399.00

Sonos Beam

£399.00 Read More
Triad Amplifiers - £0.00

Triad Amplifiers

£ CALL Read More
Triad Speakers - £0.00

Triad Speakers

£ CALL Read More
Sonos - £0.00


£ CALL Read More
Roon Nucleus - £1,500.00

Roon Nucleus

£1,500.00 Read More
Meridian 271 - £1,500.00

Meridian 271

£1,500.00 Read More
Meridian 251 - £1,250.00

Meridian 251

£1,250.00 Read More
Optoma UHD65 SSP Projector - £2,999.00

Optoma UHD65 SSP Projector

£2,999.00 Read More
Optoma UHD60 Projector - £2,499.00

Optoma UHD60 Projector

£2,499.00 Read More

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