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Control4 Wireless Lighting Control

Control4 Wireless Lighting Control


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Control4 has just introduced its all-new smart lighting solutions for total smart home automation. These new Control4 products enable the integration of next-generation lighting with music, shades, locks, climate control, and media.

The new Wireless Lighting Control line from Control4 features customized keypads, LED backlighting with ambient sensors and are easy to program and personalise. They feature stunning new industrial design that will work with the aesthetics of virtually any installation. The fully-configurable switches, dimmers and keypads allow for full color control of backlit and status LEDs.

Since they're fully compatible with other Control4 home automation products, integrators can combine wired and wireless products, new and existing components. Professional installers and smart home enthusiasts as well will love the way these Control4 products enable quick installation, setup and programming of home automation projects. With the power of ZigBee and wireless technology, these controls work great whether you're putting together a residential or commercial project, doing new construction or a remodel or retrofit.

The new wireless lighting control products also leverage the latest Control4 operating system, which allow homeowners to create their own smart lighting "scenes," special light and media settings for a particular mood or task. With the touch of a button or the tap of a screen your home automation system can take you from "Cooking" to "Dining" to "Romance"—enjoying your home that much more.

These new smart home products are a big step for Control4, and for the lighting control industry. Home automation just got a little brighter!