Collection: Turntables

Turntables have come full circle, I remember when What Hifi was published that weekend we would have a queue of people wanting the latest Rega or new Linn LP12 update. 

Today the market has grown with companies such as AVIDHIFI,  creating both PNP and super high-end Acutus turntables. Inspired by Conrad Mass AVIDHIFI has produced some of the world's best statement turntables, with inspiring bold turntable designs, and power supplies to ensure you experience the best audio experience. Linn's legendary LP12 still going with the Klimax, Majik, and Akurate. The new Krane Tonearm on the Majik allows this entry-level turntable to take a step up and showcase its stunning musical abilities.

Rega produces some of the world's most well know products with the latest Planar turntables setting new standards in vinyl audio quality.

We have a turntable to suit your budget and help you get the most out of your record collection. For more information please contact us either by the chat box, call 01603 627010, or email