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T+A available at Martins Hi-Fi, including the HV-Series and R-Series. Available on demonstration in our Norwich showroom.

T+A stands for Theory and Application in the field of audio technology. That means that we conceive, refine and manufacture Hi-Fi com-ponents of the very highest quality, with the aim  of developing consummate High-End products  for our customers all over the world. Since 1978 our enterprise has been based at Herford in East-ern Westphalia, and this is the focal point of all our thoughts and actions. When considering our  products we set ourselves no limits, and spare neither cost nor effort in order to achieve perfec-tion in sound. The results speak for themselves  in our products: extremely long product cycles,  extended lifespans and a wide range of retro-fit options make a T+A system a sound investment for the future.

T+A (19)

T+A P3000 HV Preamplifier


T+A M-40 HV Mono Power­ Amplifier Anniversary Edition


T+A PDT 3100 HV CD/SACD Transport


T+A SD3100 HV Streaming DAC


T+A SD 3100 HV Streaming DAC


T+A PA 2500 R


T+A PA 2000 R


T+A MP 2500 R


T+A MP 2000 R MK II