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T+A PSD3100 HV

T+A PSD3100 HV


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T+A PSD 3100 HV

The T+A PSD 3100 HV was developed with the requirement to combine the performance of T+A’s finest pre-amplifiers and converters with the convenience of use of a multi-source player. With an array of professional digital inputs, FM, FM-HD, DAB+ radio, Bluetooth and Connect services, and streaming for local and global Internet and network sources, the PSD 3100 HV is capable of directly converting everything digital into top-quality analogue signals. As such it can be considered as the consistent audiophile answer to all those whose music collection has left the age of the CD behind. The T+A PSD 3100 HV is the universal control centre for a High-End system, requiring only the connection of suitable power amplifiers or active loudspeakers. At the same time the device embodies T+A’s uncompromising scientific methodology: optimum reproduction quality without harmful interaction between the various analogue and digital sub-assemblies is only possible in a multi-function device if it is based on unique technologies and our many decades of expertise.

Streaming and Sources:

The core of the T+A PSD 3100 HV is the network circuit board, designed with audiophile standards constantly in mind. Its task is to process incoming WLAN, LAN and USB master-mode signals, and provide access to high-quality streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz and Deezer. For local applications the new third-generation T+A streaming client directly streams PCM data at a quality of up to 192/32 (HD) from the network, and DSD files with a resolution up to DSD 256.
As well as extraordinarily high reproduction quality, the design of the streaming client concentrates on an equally high level of operating convenience: the streaming services, managed by the free airable Service, and Internet radio stations, can be managed completely automatically in the background.
The contradiction between mobile data transmission and reproduction quality is a long-standing problem, but the PSD 3100 HV overcomes it by employing AirPlay2 as well as aptX HD™ technology, which is even capable of handling uncompressed Flac files without loss of quality.
In addition to Internet radio access, which is integrated into the streaming client, the PSD 3100 HV provides three further radio services: FM, FM-HD and DAB+. These services offer unusually high sound quality thanks to the digital intermediate frequency, demodulation and stereo decoder output stage employed, while the circuit’s high sensitivity enables the PSD to receive even weak signals and process them cleanly: this, the most classic of all signal sources, can only sound so wonderful – via cable and through an aerial – because all these qualities are combined intelligently.

Path Separation Technology:

T+A are firm believers in utterly faithful sound reproduction, for this is the only method of conveying the intention of the performer, without adding or subtracting anything. This means that the converters have a crucial role to play, since they are required to restore the original analogue music from the digital data whilst remaining as close to the original as possible. There are fundamental differences between the current digital audio formats of PCM and DSD, but it remains true that most equipment manufacturers use only one type of converter for both. Not so with T+A: our answer to this problem is what we term our revolutionary Path Separation Technology: in order to achieve the best possible results from both formats we have developed dedicated converter types for PCM and DSD for T+A’s High-End equipment. PCM formats are converted using T+A’s double differential quadruple converter at up to 32 bit / 768 kSps, while DSD formats employ the unique T+A True 1-bit DSD D/A converter at up to DSD 512 (24.6 MHz).

Converters and Filters:

The PCM quadruple converter features a double symmetrical circuit with eight 32-bit BurrBrown converters, which correct non-linearities at an above-average standard, and reduce the already minimal residual noise by a further 6 dB. This converter delivers a level of resolution, dynamism, linearity and freedom from distortion which would be difficult to beat, even when dealing with critical passages and minute musical details. The converter is controlled by a 56-bit signal processor which offers various oversampling algorithms, giving the user the opportunity to fine-tune the system’s sound characteristics individually in terms of timing and frequency range. Four filter types are available; the Bezier filters developed by us in-house have optimum timing, and no trace of oscillation in the analogue signal.

T+A True 1-Bit DSD converter is also absolutely unique because it broke with convention: standard converters process DSD signals by converting them into PCM and reproducing them in PCM mode. In their opinion this process causes the innate quality of DSD recordings to be lost. T+A therefore developed the True 1-Bit DSD converter: this circuit handles the DSD data in native form rather than converting them, and completely retains the audible advantages of a bitstream.

Design Philosophy

The HV-series is the true embodiment of the original meaning of the term ‘high-end’: innovative technologies, uncompromising construction and absolutely peak performance.

For the HV-series T+A developed a whole raft of unique and superior technologies which are available exclusively to T+A: amplifier stages work at very high voltages, and are therefore inherently more linear in character than conventional circuits; the players feature separate high-performance converters for PCM and DSD, digital and analogue signal processing are kept consistently separate from each other, and specific subassemblies are galvanically isolated. All devices are fully channel-separate and designed on the double-mono principle. They are of entirely discrete construction, without operational amplifiers (op-amps). The mechanical construction of all cases is extremely sophisticated, based on an internal framework of 10 mm thick machined aluminium plates.