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    T+A SD3100 HV Streaming DAC

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    The Reference Streaming DAC

    The SD 3100 HV is with the exception of the pre-amplifier section identical with the SCD 3100 HV. 

    The SD 3100 HV is a purist converter / streamer which in an HV system acts as ultra-high quality player and converter for every imaginable digital source. It can be connected to the P 3000 HV pre-amplifier or the PA 3100 HV integrated amplifier via one of its analogue outputs. If you wish to play CD or SACD, the PDT 3100 HV reference disc mechanism can be connected to the SD 3100 HV.
    The SD 3100 HV – and also a full HV system – can be controlled using the 
    F 3100 remote control handset or one of the T+A apps.


    Since more and more audiophile music enthusiasts use high-quality headphones, we have developed a particularly good, high-performance analogue headphone amplifier which also exploits HV technology; it works completely in Class A mode, and offers outstanding sound quality. The connection sockets for 6.3 mm jack plugs and high-quality, quadrupole-symmetrical pentaconn plugs are located on the front. Like all our HV devices the SD 3100 HV is built of pure aluminium, without any ferro-magnetic materials at all, and features five compartments separated by aluminium dividing walls. These sections house the motherboard with digital inputs, the D/A converters with analogue output stage, the analogue mains section, the digital mains section and – in the massive front panel – the control section with its bright display and sensor buttons.


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    D/A Converter
    PCM: Double-Differential-Quadrupel Converter up to 32 Bit/768 kHz
    DSD: T+A True 1-Bit Analogue Converter, native Bitstream up to DSD 1024 (49,2 MHz)
    Digital inputs
    AES-EBU, BNC, Coax, TOS-Link,
    USB DAC, USB host (HDD), HDMI, Antenna, Lan, W-Lan
    Special features
    USB Receiver UAC-3 Standard
    NAA Network Audio Adapter
    High-Res IPA Link for PDT 3100 HV
    Headphone output
    Analogue headphone amplifier in HV-technology, pure Class A
    Output stage
    Double Mono „State of the Art“ 120 kHz cut off frequency