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Entreq Tellus 2 Infinity

Entreq Tellus 2 Infinity


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Entreq Tellus 2 Infinity

In one way Tellus II is old stuff in new packaging. But at the same time, it's a totally new ground box that will open up for many new possibilities. Left and Right outlets are two separated Silver Minimus and the outlet in the middle is the same as a Silver Minimus and Atlantis Mini built together in one chamber.

In other words, its a "entry-level Poseidon"  
It offers three dedicated ground points which are totally separated from each other. For further information about all the options, please take a look at the Poseidon. Tellus II works the same way.
Together with our dedicated Eartha cables, K2 or Everest there will be a combination that works for you.  

Weight 15 Kg  W 43cm - H 12cm - D 31cm