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Entreq Olympus Ten Tungsten

Entreq Olympus Ten Tungsten


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Entreq Olympus Ten Tungsten

Very high-performance Ground Box in a compact chassis featuring Ceramic & Tungsten withing the grounding material. Effective mass is 2.5kg – therefore the Olympus 10 T will operate effectively on most products up to a maximum of approximately 14kg

Olympus 10 T will be the new star.
This little box , together with an Eartha Olympus, make you a very powerful earth point that provides a quiet and interference free back-ground.

OM 10 T works best with units with a weight less than 10 kg.
During such circumstances you have insured you have the best possible conditions. If you connect heavier units to OM 10 T, it doesn’t mean it stops work, but for each kg extra, you will lose little performance.
With OM 10 T you will get even darker, deeper background then before with OM 10. And OM 10 T create a kind of 3 D that we want to call 4 D because we can not find other words for the impact.
We also produced Olympus Ten T to meet all demands in a multi box.
The Olympus TenTen.
Weight 2,6 Kg  W 17cm - H 8cm - D 19cm