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Entreq Ground Boxes

The Tellus line with Minimus, Silver Minimus, Tellus II and Silver Tellus are all based on the mineral/metal mix we developed for nearly ten years ago. These boxes are still in the forefront comparing to many other new brands.
When you read tests and reviews it´s always this boxes they use as a reference. The first boxes we introduce on market. Today we would say that this boxes in the Tellus line are our entry level. 

Two years ago we introduced our Olympus line with improved performance in all parameters.
In the Olympus, we use a newly developed mineral/metal mix which gives you a big leap in performance.
The Olympus line includes Olympus Tellus, Olympus Mini, Poseidon and now our newest box Olympus Ten.  With the Olympus Ten, we now have completed the Olympus line and we are happy to offer an Olympus box for all demands. In the Olympus line, you will find a box that fit even the finest HiFi system. Olympus line is developed and tested on Tidal Assoluta system.  

The Atlantis Minimus and Atlantis Tellus are boosters that in first hand was made for use with Tellus line for give that line nearly same performance as Olympus line. You can connect both the Tellus and Olympus line to Atlantis for even better performance.

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Entreq Minimus Infinity - £380.00

Entreq Minimus Infinity

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Entreq Silver Minimus Infinity - £600.00

Entreq Silver Minimus Infinity

£600.00 Read More
Entreq Silver Tellus Infinity - £2,100.00

Entreq Silver Tellus Infinity

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ENTREQ TELLUS 2 - £1,380.00


£1,380.00 Read More


£750.00 Read More

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