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Entreq Olympus Hero

Entreq Olympus Hero


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Entreq Olympus Hero

Using the unique Athena construction and technology to house 5 Olympus Infinity Tungsten Ground Boxes as well as incorporating a Silver Cleanus means the Hero is the pinnacle of Entreq’s achievements to date and its performance is breath-taking.

Our Pride! Our Baby! Our Statement!
New materials.  New technology   
New construction. A Swiss army knive.
Hero containes 5 Olympus Infi T in a box and 1 Cleanus.

You can either use the boxes separately and connect an Eartha cable to each cell. Or you can bridge connect 2, 3 or 4 cells together with our T links for more impact. Hero also contains a Cleanus in the vibration-damped box. Hero meet all your demands.
Connect to wall socket and you get equal effect as with a  Cleanus. 
Olympus Hero contains 5 separate Olympus T boxes and a Cleanus.

The five Olympus Infinity T in a Hero are enclosed in a vibration-damped Oak box made of the same three-layer material that we use for the Athena rack and Magma feets. 
Hero W36 x D49 x H50  60 kg