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Entreq Olympus TEN TEN

Entreq Olympus TEN TEN


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Entreq Olympus TEN TEN

Using unique construction and offering 10 independent Olympus Ten T ground Boxes , guarantees incredible flexibility and performance but in addition also includes Entreq’s incredible Cleanus technology which cleans the mains.

The Olympus TenTen contains ten pcs Olympus Ten T.  It make the box to a real multitool.You can either use the boxes separately and connect an Eartha cable to each cell or you can bridge connect 2, 3 or 4 cells together with our T links. One option in particular is the ability to now Ground each channel of your amplifier, via the negative speaker terminals,  while simultaneously & independently being able to Ground your Pre-amp, Dac and cables at the same time.
TenTen also contains a Cleanus in the vibration-damped box. Connect to wall sockets and you get equal effect as if with a separate Cleanus. 

TenTen W36 x D49 x H28 27 kg