Tellurium Q

                When Tellurium Q® was set up the focus was primarily on phase distortion and minimising this problem inherent in all cabling, whoever makes them and where ever and however they are made. The reason it is a problem is simple, all materials (not just cables) in the path of a signal will act as an electronic filter according to the definition in the box below, whether you want it to or not. This is undeniable.

                Although cables should not affect the sound in an ideal world, there are factors that have to be considered because audio systems are not perfect and customers have listening preferences too. So you will see we have engineered three distinct families of sound to take account of the three distinct demands of our customers. This is why we have the Silver and Blue ranges as well as the Black.

                Tellurium Q Silver: The sound can best be described as silver but without the fatigue and harshness that can go along with that material.

                Tellurium Q Black: the natural/transparent range that allows an incredibly life-like reproduction for use in a well-balanced system to simply unlock what the system can do.

                Tellurium Q Blue: slight warmth that just takes the harsh top edge out of a system that is a little brittle or bright.

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                Tellurium Q (37)

                Tellurium Q BLACK DIAMOND


                Tellurium Q BLACK DIAMOND RCA


                Tellurium Q BLACK DIAMOND WAVEFORM


                Tellurium Q BLACK DIAMOND XLR


                Tellurium Q BLACK II RCA


                TELLURIUM Q BLACK II Speaker Cable


                Tellurium Q BLACK II WAVEFORM


                Tellurium Q BLACK II XLR


                Tellurium Q BLACK POWER CABLE

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