At Martins Hi-Fi we stock Entreqs Interconnects, Speaker Cables, Power Cables, Ground Boxes, and Grounding Cables. Entreq is a truly unique Hi-Fi experience and one we love to promote to every customer.

                Entreq was founded by Per-Olof Friberg in 2007. Martins Hi-Fi and our customers have had the pleasure of Per-Olof’s company in Norwich on two previous occasions. This has cemented our respect for the Man and his beliefs in what makes a good Hi-Fi sound even better.

                Entreq’s principle is to find ways to control unwanted RFI within the system. There are critical areas in all Hi-Fi systems where RFI can pollute the audio signal. Removing the RFI allows the system to work more efficiently, appear more dynamic, and in our opinion become more natural and musical.

                We have been using Entreq products for the past 10 years. In this time, we have enhanced countless systems using an array of these amazing components. We have developed many techniques to achieve this and adapted the principles to tune individual systems.

                Please visit our product pages or contact us for more detailed information about how Entreq could enhance your system.



                Entreq (58)

                ENTREQ K2 & EVEREST


                Entreq Power Atlantis Infinity


                Entreq Power Apollo Infinity


                Entreq Power Challenger Infinity 3v


                Entreq Power Challenger Infinity


                Entreq Apollo Infinity USB Interconnects


                Entreq Challenger Infinity USB Interconnects


                Entreq Konstantin Infinity USB Interconnects


                Entreq Apollo Infinity XLR Interconnects

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