UPDATED 09/09/20

Welcome to Martins Hi-Fi trade-in policy, this document outlines the process, and is a helpful guide to how we evaluate your product, including price, inspection and final value offered.

Step 1

Please complete the online form to the best of your ability, the form is available below:

Step 2

  • Please ensure you attach current images of the product, also images of any exterior damage.

Step 3

  • We will contact you to discuss your trade-in, upgrades and answer any of questions you may have, we may discuss initial values for your trade-in. These values are not guaranteed values and may only be valid when trading in against specific items.

Step 4

  • Finally, you will need to book your item in for a full visual and technical inspection, if you have the original packaging and accessories please include these as they may positively impact the value.

Step 5

  • Once we have tested the equipment, we will give you a guaranteed trade-in value.

Thank you for taking time to read through these guidelines, we hope they have proven helpful.

For more information or to discuss your trade-in please contact us via or call 01603 627010

Our opening hours are Mon-Sat 9am – 5:30pm