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Control4 Smart Home Control

Control4 Smart Home Control


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What is smart home control?

It's about making your home work for you... automatically.

"It's like the best thing."

"It's scalable, it's upgradeable... forever."

"Some people may walk in and go 'wow, this is pretty futuristic.' Kids can operate this system so easily. It's so intuitive."

Because it's so easy to use, everyone in the house will love it. You can start with just one room, reduce the clutter with just one remote that does it all. Start the movie and dim the lights with one push of a button. Or take control of the entire house, inside and out. From a great home theater experience to bringing music to every corner of the house, smart home control delivers one bright idea after another. Keep peace of mind everywhere you go and enjoy comfort effortlessly. The possibilities are endless.

What do you want to control?

It's all in the palm of your hand.