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Kaleidescape Terra Prime Movie Server 88TB

Kaleidescape Terra Prime Movie Server 88TB


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Kaleidescape Terra Prime Movie Server 88TB

With the increase in 4K UHD titles available, the Terra 72 allows customers to conveniently expand and consolidate collections onto a single server, preserving shelf space while still enabling access to more movies. The Terra 72 provides several high-performance benefits.

  • Increased storage. Terra 72 stores over 1,000 high fidelity 4K Ultra HD movies, a 50% increase over the 48TB.
  • Fast download speeds. Terra 72 downloads full-length 4K movies in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Highly scalable. It supports any number of Strato C players and serves up to 10 simultaneous 4K UHD playbacks. 
  • Reliable. Terra 72 continues to operate even if a hard drive fails. When the failed drive is replaced, its movies are automatically restored from the cloud.

Kaleidescape Terra forms the cutting-edge core of a multi-zone advanced home cinema system and adds storage to existing systems giving a home to high-quality content on an array of enterprise-quality hard drives. In addition to storing movies, Terra provides high-quality caching, staging, and computing services that improve player performance, enable scaling to many players, and improves significantly the quality of experience for the end-user. This powerful new platform has been created for customers keen to move from disc to digital or to increase their collection through the Kaleidescape movie store.

The high-powered, multi-function Terra movie server can support any number of Strato C players and can serve up to an impressive 10 simultaneous 4K Ultra HD playbacks. Kaleidescape Terra with Strato C players provides the best 4K Ultra HD performance and the most flexibility for future expansion keeping customers happy as their needs change over time.

For ultimate flexibility, Terra can simultaneously serve movies over a standard residential Gigabit Ethernet network to Strato S and Strato C players anywhere in the home. Once a movie is downloaded and stored on Terra, it can be enjoyed immediately from any player, anywhere within the system. For extra peace of mind, Terra has been created to continue operating even in the unlikely event of a hard drive failure. Movies will automatically be restored from the cloud after the drive has been replaced as all content is mirrored in the cloud.

A very important point here is that Kaleidescape’s proprietary kOS operating system enables Terra to provide the advanced content protection required by Hollywood motion picture studios for their highest-fidelity movies protecting end users’ investment and also providing the opportunity to take advantage of more commercial/in-home simultaneous releases should that occur.

Another important point here Terra is fast, downloading at up to 800 Mbps, a 4K Ultra HD movie is completed and ready to play in 10 to 12 minutes. For rack storage convenience, custom rack ears with faceplates are also available. RRP is available on request.