Collection: Gold Note

Gold Note at Martins Hi-Fi

For the distinguished design of our Italian Turntable series, we introduced a physical form-finding calculation, in which a specific custom algorithm recreates the deformation of surfaces subjected to physical forces such as pressure and gravity. 

The shape of the Mediterraneo, Giglio, and Pianosa turntable plinths are therefore obtained by treating the surface like a sail of a boat, a geometry composed of Catenaries which is therefore entirely subjected to tensile stresses, that being turned upside down enhances the compression resistance getting the best structural rigidity.

Also because we are from Firenze, for developing the Gold Note audio equipment we got inspiration from our history of art and particularly from the Renaissance, a great innovative time where art and the technology combined created timeless wonders. As it happened during the Renaissance we wanted to combine the best of two seemingly opposing worlds: contemporary innovation and consolidated tradition.