T+A Series 200

                Is High End compatible with the MiDi format? Doesn’t a small system necessarily involve a loss of performance and functionality in favour of external appearance? Our vision for the Series 200 is that it overcomes these contradictions. With its DSD 1024 capability, an output of 250 Watts per channel and our distinctive and convenient method of control using the T+A MusicNavigator App, the Series 200 combines different worlds without relinquishing performance within each specialised area - whether the units are used as individual devices or combined in a system. The DAC 200, HA 200, MP 200 and A 200 celebrate music, technology and the sheer pleasure of enjoying music.

                The T+A Series 200 represents a modern interpretation of our legendary MiDi systems. Starting with the iconic M-system in the 1990s, and most recently continued by the Series 8, all of these systems have combined and continue to combine superb audiophile performance with an ultra-compact design of timeless elegance. The MP 200, A 200, DAC 200, and HA 200 embody our experience in each individual area, and make it accessible to compact systems in particular.

                The Series 200 was developed with the goal of closing the supposed gulf between high-grade specialised individual devices – ‘separates’ – and a combined system for relaxed listening. And that’s why the Series 200 consists of four units. The DAC 200 and HA 200 reference converter and pre-amplifier convert digital data into analogue signals, and constitute the heart of their system configurations: the DAC 200’s outstanding pre-amplifier and output stages make it the ideal core of a classic HiFi system with loudspeakers, whereas the HA 200 takes on a similar role in an audiophile headphone system.


                T+A Series 200 (4)

                T+A HA 200


                T+A A 200


                T+A MP 200


                T+A DAC 200

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