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All D-ILA projectors feature original high-performance image processing technology, Multiple Pixel Control (MPC) that detects blurring generated from images taken with 4K cameras.

Through analysing and correcting with an original algorithm, the MPC is an image processing technology capable of accurate reproduction closer to the original. Compared to conventional band processing, MPC achieves the utter reality of 4K quality by detecting and processing images in a higher frequency range to achieve exceptional presence and bokeh creating almost 3D feeling.

On the high-end model DLA-NX9, the image processed with MPC is up-converted using 8K/e-shift technology to double the image information for displaying more realistic and smooth images closer to the original.

JVC (4)

JVC DLA-NX9 8k eShift Projector


JVC DLA-N7 Projector


JVC DLA-N5 Projector


JVC LX-UH1 4K HDR DLP Home Cinema Projector