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JVC DLA-NZ900BE DILA Laser 8K e-ShiftX HDR Projector

JVC DLA-NZ900BE DILA Laser 8K e-ShiftX HDR Projector


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JVC DLA-NZ900BE DILA Laser 8K e-ShiftX HDR Projector

Featuring the pinnacle of projector technology, the JVC DLA-NZ900 demonstrates home cinema at its finest.

Outstanding contrast for the most natural image possible
With contrast ratio improving by an impressive 50%, the JVC DLA-NZ900 moves the game on to a whole new level of picture realism. At the heart of this JVC projector is a top-spec, 3rd Generation 4K D-ILA device. With improved alignment control of the liquid crystals and enhanced image pixels you get to enjoy unparalleled levels of black, with a depth of image that’s closer than ever to what the human eye sees.

New BLU-Escent laser for exceptional brightness
It’s not just the contrast that’s improved with this latest JVC projector, it’s the brightness, too. The latest BLU-Escent laser helps increase the peak brightness to 3300 lumens, bringing images to life and improving the picture definition in ambient lighting conditions. It also offers enhanced longevity, letting you enjoy your projector for longer.

Input an 8K60p or 4K120p signal
For the ultimate in movies and gaming, the JVC DLA-NZ900 accepts an 8K60p or 4K120p signal. Processing this huge amount of data is no easy task and takes a processor of exceptional power. The end result is spectacular, with greatly enhanced detail and depth of image when working in conjunction with the Gen 2 8K/e-shiftX technology.

8K enhanced viewing through Gen 2 e-shiftX
JVC's unique Gen 2 e-shiftX technology virtually doubles resolution in the vertical and horizontal directions by shifting pixels to produce 8K resolution from a native or lower resolution signal. It uses Multiple Pixel Control (MPC) image processing, for even greater clarity through more accurate diagonal detection. The latest Gen 2 version features improved 8K scaling, improving sharpness and detail across a wide range of sources.

Highest quality 18-element lens
For the crispest and most focused image, this JVC projector uses an enhanced, 18-element, 16-group, all glass lens with aluminium barrel. To ensure 8K image resolution across the screen, it incorporates five ED lenses for correct colour, whatever the lens shift setting.

Flexible lens shift for ease of installation and fine-tuning
Lens shift lets you adjust the projection beam once installation has been completed. Physically being able to move the lens gives the ideal picture alignment without affecting the quality. With this flexible JVC, you get an impressive +/- 100% vertical lens shift and +/-43% horizontal.

Supports HDR10+ and Gen 2 Frame Adapt HDR
HDR10+ offers scene-by-scene HDR mastering for the truest, most accurate HDR picture technology. Each scene is optimised, meaning the maximum amount of detail is shown – even in the brightest or darkest moments. Frame Adapt HDR instantly analyses the peak brightness in HDR10 content, optimising the dynamic contrast. Now in its second generation, the latest Frame Adapt features a Deep Black function that helps create even greater image depth.

See the true picture, with Filmmaker Mode
Filmmaker Mode lets you experience the cinematic vision, exactly as the director intended. Overriding the projector’s own motion and picture processing, Filmmaker Mode presents the correct aspect ratio, colour and frame rate – just as the filmmakers intended.

4K120p input with Low Latency Mode for improved gaming
Playing 4K/HDR games on the big screen offers the ultimate thrill. The DLA-NZ900 offers a low latency mode that delivers a significant reduction in frame delay. This gives you faster response times for instant action. 4K120p input compatibility means high frame rate compatibility for incredible smoothness and natural gameplay.

Motion Enhance – Blur Reduction Technology
Working in conjunction with Clear Motion Drive, Motion Enhance technology minimises motion blur significantly by optimizing the drive of the D-ILA device. Motion Enhance is also compatible with 4K and 3D signals to give a smooth and detailed image for a variety of scenes.

For reference quality home cinema images, the next step from the JVC DLA-N900 is the cinema itself!