Analog Relax


                Super analog lover who loves analog records and coffee (and recently, bicycles as well) more than anything else.

                Digital is great because it’s the latest! I feel a bit strange about such a trend in the society.

                Of course I acknowledge the convenience of digital technology. But is it really true that “digital is cutting-edge, so it’s great…!” I don’t agree with that kind of thinking that is too simplistic.

                Rather, I think that the world has become too efficiency-oriented through digitization, and the society is experiencing many of its negative aspects.

                ・Working and learning environments that become “crammed” due to the increased efficiency
                ・Decreased opportunities to interact with “family members,” who are supposed to be the closest to us
                ・Increased number of people becoming mentally unstable as analog people try to adapt to the digital society

                In this day and age, I believe that it’s important to keep in mind the good feeling that analog provides, and the comfort that lies between digital and analog, as well as to live a more mindful life.

                I would like to propose an analog life that will make you feel “at ease” from the bottom of your heart.

                Yasushi Yurugi, Analog Producer

                Analog Relax (4)

                Analog Relax EX2000 MC


                Analog Relax EX500 MC


                Analog Relax EX1000 MC


                Analog Relax EX300 MC

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