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    Analog Relax EX1000 MC

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    Analog Relax EX1000 MC

    Solid 2000-year-old Yakusugi cedar forms the body of the EX1000. An exceedingly rare tree, the Yakusugi cedar accumulates resin within it its cells to prevent wear or degradation caused by frequent rain. To complement the body’s inherent resonance, beeswax is used for the surface finish.

    As a result, the colour of the body will change over time, but we believe this will only enhance your enjoyment of this product, which acquires a unique patina, as do other cherished artefacts. Using this rare material in a cartridge body enables the creation of complex and, indeed, sensual sounds. Due to the scarcity of the wood, the EX1000 is certain to become difficult to produce in the future. At present, EX1000 production will be limited to quantities determined by the supplies of Yakusugi cedar that are available to Analog Relax. Ruby is said to be the second hardest material after diamond.

    For the EX1000, Analog Relax have machined it for use as the cantilever. This gem transmits vibrations at high speeds, allowing it to read the information from the grooves with breathtaking rapidity. It excels in reproducing live instruments and human voices, creating a sensual sound free of any inner-groove distortion.

    It does not reproduce the scratching sound of old, original records, allowing the music lover to be immersed in sound without distraction. The stylus, too, enjoys greater resistance to wear, giving it a longer lifespan.


    • Voltage 0.5mv (1kHz)
    • Impedance: 15Ω
    • Stylus: Super Curve Line Contact Ver. 2 (Pure diamond)
    • Cantilever: Ruby
    • Coil material: High Purity 6N copper
    • Body: 2000 year old Yakusugi cedar with beeswax finish
    • Tracking force: 2.0g
    • Magnet: Neodymium multi magnet
    • Weight: About 9.0g