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    Tellurium Q ULTRA SILVER XLR

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    Tellurium Q ULTRA SILVER XLR

    The Ultra Silver range is one of our “hidden gems” possibly because of the knee jerk thought that they are called silver so have a harsh or fatiguing edge. NO not at all. Put the name to one side (some days we wish we had) and you find a cable that has a beautifully detailed, smooth and natural presentation that is a very definite step up in performance from the award winning Ultra Black II. Over shadowed and overlooked but surprises as soon as you plug it into your system.

    Taking the qualities of the Graphite interconnect and extending the detail and top end without any harshness.

    Silver Family
    Totally uncoloured, acting as a wide open channel sounding unforced, vivid and dynamic with phenomenal resolution, transparency and natural tonal colours. All this while sounding extremely analog and coherent, from the exceptional top end extension to bottom with finely detailed, separated bass notes.