T+A A3000HV Power Amplifier

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    The Power Amplifier

    The A 3000 HV is the ideal power amplifier and complement to the P 3000 HV pre-amplifier. It is designed as a stereo power amplifier, but can also be configured to work in mono mode, in which guise it is capable of delivering twice the current and in which it doubles the pure Class-A mode.

    Thanks to HV technology, this powerhouse offers superb sound characteristics as well as incredible power and performance: a standard which is unsurpassed even by much more expensive amplifiers. The principle of splitting a High-End system into separate pre-amplifier and power amplifier gave our development team the opportunity to implement the finest possible circuit designs and technologies without having to take into account space considerations and case restrictions.

    This applies both to the electronic components and the mechanical design of the case, since – if the aim is to attain the best possible sound – a preamplifier’s requirements are fundamentally different from those of an power amplifier: preamplifiers process relatively small signals, and the crucial aspect of their design is the avoidance of induced and other interference; power amplifier, on the other hand, have to cope with relatively large signals, and the stability of the power supply, its current delivery capacity and performance independent of load are much more important.



    Mono / Stereo mode switchable
    Output power per channel
    4 Ohms 500 Watts
    8 Ohms 300 Watts
    Frequency response
    0,5 Hz – 180 kHz
    Signal / noise ratio
    > 115 dB
    Slew rate
    60V / µs