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Stillpoints Ultra ESS Support

Stillpoints Ultra ESS Support


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Ultra ESS Support

The brand new Ultra ESS support from Stillpoints represents a significant next step in the quest for true isolation for audio components and that most desired of attributes a true, stygian silence.

A sleek, minimal design, super high-grade materials, patented Stillpoints Ultra V2 technology and a beautiful, precision engineered finish combine in this ultra high-end component support.

As with the ESS rack, the Ultra ESS can be configured in a multitude of ways to optimise space needed, and the performance of each component.

The Ultra ESS features two twin support masts onto which your desired combination of Acrylic Shelves, X Grids or Rail Grids are affixed.

Whatever your combination of components, the Ultra ESS is the perfect companion and an essential addition to your listening space.

The top of each twin support mast is designed to take your choice of Stillpoints Ultra isolators. We recommend the addition of four Ultra 6 V2 isolators for peak performance.

However, any of our range of Stillpoints Ultra can be used and if you already have Stillpoints Ultra amongst your equipment, these can be fitted using suitable adapters.

In addition, the foot of each mast is fitted with Stillpoints’ most performant isolators, the Ultra 7 V2.

Price shown is for a guide only, the price of your rack will depend on spec and size.