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Stillpoints ESS Rack

Stillpoints ESS Rack


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Stillpoints ESS Racks 

The ESS rack was designed to be an effective vibration isolating structure that looked appealing but did not overwhelm the look of what was placed on it. In fact, the original inspiration for the design was a display rack assembly to which Stillpoints engineered its technology. The result is an open design that allows for ultimate ventilation, low mass for low energy storage, yet high strength for tremendous load-carrying capacity.

Stillpoints has always possessed an uncanny ability to lower the noise floor with its innovative footers. But its amp stands and ESS racks are simply brilliantly innovative designs that will take your system even further into the realm of stygian silence.

Both are based around an unobtrusive, open architecture that allows your audio gear to take pride of place rather than within a bulky rack.

The amp stands can be adjusted to fit pretty much any amplifier and dramatically improve dynamics and interstitial detail. The same goes for the ESS racks, which offer an elegant and effective solution for housing your precious audio gear.

To order please call or email and we can help you build the correct rack for your acoustic needs.


The current day ESS support bars were designed to carry the weights that exceeded 200 lbs. The 20” and 26” wide ESS can easily carry a load of 102 kg / 225 lbs for decades to come. The 40” wide ESS with a doubled support bar system can carry a load of over 450 lbs per shelf assembly. Each cable of every ESS rack has a breaking strength of 2000 lbs.

The ESS models start with an acrylic shelf system that is attached to the support bars. Every support bar has three pockets of Stillpoints technology making each shelf level the equivalent of 6 Ultra SS per shelf. The next level of ESS performance comes when the acrylic is replaced by the Grid system. The Grid system is an ingenious system utilizing one machined part designed to interweave into the double X pattern. Finally, we have the new Rail system which allows for infinite adjustability in terms of positioning on each level.

The Grid and Rail systems allow for placing any level of Stillpoint technology, or any combination of Hard Hats, Ultra Mini’s, Ultra SS’s, Ultra 2, Ultra 5’s and Ultra 6’s to be interfaced between the component and the Support Bar system.

The Ultra 6 was specifically designed for the ESS. Its low profile maximizes the isolation capabilities with opposing technology pockets while allowing for taller components in a given shelf configuration. The increase in micro dynamics, low level detail retrieval, sound stage width and depth, and overall emotional transfer is very compelling.


Support Bars

Support Bars are attached to the cables extending vertically between the arm and leg of the masts. Each cable is rated up to 998 kg / 2200 lbs before failure. Two support bars form the foundation for one shelf. The bars with technology pockets are designed to work with acrylic shelves, or X Grids, formerly called The Grids. The blank support bars facilitate the use of Rail Grids. The addition of Acrylic shelves, X Grids, or Rail Grids will accommodate the Ultra of your choice to complete the shelf assembly.

 Acrylic Shelf

The Acrylic Shelf accommodates components that need additional area for accessories, or a power supply in a limited space. The shelves come standard with a Set Screw Kit allowing for an efficient installation. When choosing to replace both of either the X Grids, or Rail Grids, on a 40″ Wide ESS rack, two short acrylic shelves will transform the platform to all acrylic.

 X Grid

The X Grid, originally named THE GRID, and the X Grid with Hard Hats, can be used on any ESS Rack that includes support bars with technology pockets. If choosing to replace an Acrylic Shelf, the X Grid will easily fit in that location. When replacing both acrylic shelves on the 40″wide support bars, two sets of the X Grid – SHORT must be ordered. The X Grids come standard with a set screw kit, for simple installation.

 Rail Grid

Until now, the ESS rack has been configured with each shelf level utilizing either an Acrylic Shelf, an X Grid, or a combination of both. The Rail Grid is the next generation of ESS performance upgrade.

The Rail Grids mount perpendicular to the front and rear support bars. On the underside, near the end of each Rail are machined slots, profiled to rest over the existing square dimension of the front and rear support bars. Once installed on the support bars, the Rails can slide laterally left and right to create a support frame ideal in width for the specific component to be used. Once the Rail Grid is in position to supra the component, turn the thumb screws to tighten the Rail Grid into place. This renders a tight shelf assembly.

Channels in the top of each rail hold T-nuts that can be moved forward or back as needed to adjust for depth of a component. Attach an Ultra of your choice, from Ultra Mini to Ultra 6, to the T-nuts and adjust the location of each, forward and back, to support your component. With the adjustments complete, a Rail Lock is supplied which will affix the rail firmly in place for ultimate stability.

Sonically, every aspect of the performance of the ESS is enhanced. Harmonic body and weight gives flesh to the musicians. The image is refined beyond anything we have done before.

The Rail Grid adds greater rigidity than the standard X Grid, supports heavier components more effectively, and allows greater flexibility for Ultra filter placement specific to each component while taking full advantage of the suspended isolation that is the hallmark of the ESS Equipment Rack.

The Rail Grid will fit any Stillpoints 3/4” support bar. If the technology pockets are in the way of the placement, then rotate the bar 180 degrees and you will have total freedom of placement.


Stillpoints ESS racks are available with 15″, 18”, 24” 28″, 34″ and 42″ tall masts. With shelf widths of 20″, 26″ and 40″ across